Why the Universe Exists

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Why the Universe Exists


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Why The Universe Exists takes you deep into the world of particle physics to explore how the universe functions at the smallest scales. As you read this, billions of neutrinos from the sun are passing through your body, antimatter is sprouting from your dinner and the core of your being is a chaotic mess of particles known only as quarks and gluons.

If the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson piqued your interest, then Why The Universe Exists will take you deeper into the world of particle physics, with leading physicists and New Scientist exploring how the universe functions at the smallest scales.

Find out about hunt for dark matter and why there is something rather than nothing. Discover how accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland are rewinding time to the first moments after the big bang, and how ghostly neutrino particles may hold the answers to the greatest mysteries of the universe.

Read by Mark Elstob.

This is the 2017 edition of Why the Universe Exists which you can download to the New Scientist Instant Expert app.




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